3 local artists ‘Interconnected’ in a video installation, laser technique art exhibition

TULSA, Okla. — “The name of the show is ‘Interconnected. People can expect a variation of art mediums including photography, painting and video installation,” said Corey Wickersham the curator behind the exhibition. “The video installation by Beta BetaMax. They are introducing a new laser installation technique at the show tomorrow night.”

The work of three local artists will be featured on Saturday, Dec. 3 from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. at Tulsa Artist Studios.

“I chose the three artists because I feel as talented artists, they deserve to have their air shown to the public,” said Wickersham.

Shane Brown is the set designer for Reservation Dogs.

Wickersham describes Jason Lockhart as, “an interdisciplinary artist.” She says he uses dimension and color and text to create his abstract paintings.

Robert Carlson is a self-taught artist, according to Wickersham. He specializes in the figurative and realism style. “He also uses text to express his sense of wittiness,” said Wickersham.

This will be a modern art, electrifying experience with local artists, not to be missed.