After days of delays and cancellations, Tulsans return home on Southwest flights

TULSA, Okla. — Southwest Flight 3801 was another on a long list of delayed flights this week.

“This one was delayed about seven hours,” said passenger Donna Newell.

Some people were seen crying after landing. In all, it was a day for many. For Doug Bridewell, it’s actually been a couple days, he finally picked up his bags after having to stay in Las Vegas an extra night.

Bridewell said, “Fortunately I had a friend who lived in Henderson, and he picked me up so it didn’t cost me anything.”

Mia Lor landed two days ago and still doesn’t have her luggage.

She said, “This is a lost baggage receipt. So far they said ‘Your luggage is in Tulsa’ and they said ‘It has not left Austin.’”

FOX23 got video from a passenger who says she took this at the airport in St. Louis before finally making it here. in it you can see multiple people standing around piles of bags.

Wednesday, Southwest’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Ryan Green issued an apology to customers. He also provided a list of ways to get refunds or reschedule.

“We have extended flexibility for self-service travel changes through January 2, meaning you shouldn’t need to get on a call or stand in a line and you can make any flight changes you need to at,” Green said in the video statement.

FOX23 reached out to the Department of Transportation (DOT) to find out what Tulsans should know. I was sent a list of statements and responses from DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg and others vowing to hold Southwest and its CEO accountable. The DOT also said they plan to ensure Southwest compensates passengers.

Doug and Donna found the bright side to all the chaos.

“The employees were awesome, staff, and pilots,” said Bridewell.

“The people on the plane applauded the employees because they are going through a lot too,” said Newell.