Allergy season in Oklahoma

TULSA, Okla. — Allergies are a fact of life in Oklahoma, but the type of allergen will vary throughout the year.

If you’ve been sniffling since January, it’s likely you have a cedar pollen allergy. Cedar trees are prevalent from here and down into Texas, any day with a strong south wind can enhance that pollen released by the male trees in the winter.

As the rest of our trees start to bud out now, we get a big uptick in tree pollen released from those buds starting now and through April. Get those allergy meds on hand in the next week as this will be quickly on the rise.

Most of our grass is dormant right now but by May, they are fully back to life and releasing lots of pollen late in the spring season.

Weeds become most noticeable at the start of summer with the infamous ragweed pollen showing up in high amounts from late summer and until about our first frost in the fall.

When it comes to mold spores, those can affect our allergies anytime of year, particularly after wet spells, but not mold is almost always present in various quantities regardless of recent moisture.

That’s why our mold count remains high often during our spring wet season.