Broken Arrow woman says police chase suspects totaled her car

“This is so much more than just an accident. It’s impacted my livelihood.”

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — A Broken Arrow woman said juvenile suspects trying to outrun Broken Arrow police Saturday, crashed into her car, totaling it and leaving her injured.

Samantha Short said she only had the van for nine days before it being totaled. She adds, she’s thankful her kids weren’t in the car at the time because where she was hit is where her 7-year-old son usually sits.

“It happened so fast. I was stunned. All the airbags were deployed immediately upon impact. My glasses broke. And I had to crawl out of my vehicle,” said Short.

She said she was turning into her apartment complex Saturday evening, around 6 p.m near the Broken Arrow High School. She didn’t realize she was turning into a bunch of problems.

“I saw a vehicle coming from the east, heading west, so I was waiting for them to pass me so I can make the turn. Then out of nowhere I just get hit from the side and pushed off that 3.5 foot drop where the construction zone was,” Short said.

According to Short, the speed limit is 25 mph and a construction zone. Shorts says three women jumped out of the car that hit her, apologized several times then ran into the mobile home neighborhood across the street.

Minutes later, Short said BAPD showed up, searching for the suspects and pulling stolen items out of the crashed suspect car.

“Like 40 containers of perfume. They had just kind of went on a shop lifting spree I guess,” Short said.

According to Ethan Hutchins with BAPD, they got a call about the three teens stealing more than $5,000 worth of items from Ulta at Hillside. He said because of the amount stolen, it’s considered Grand Larceny - a felony. Hutchins adds the police “chase” lasted only about 20 seconds before police went to a nearby gas station.

“Our officers then pursued that vehicle, but whenever that vehicle reached excess speeds of 100 miles an hour and was in the wrong lane of traffic, instantly our officers terminated the pursuit,” he said. “I want to be clear, we terminated the pursuit before the crash took place.”

Hutchins said an officer saw commotion down the street. When the officer went to check it out, that’s when he discovered Short’s van and another car hit. More officers showed up to search for the suspects after they realized they had ran from the car after the crash.

Before Short owned an Italian Bakery in south Tulsa, she was a first responder for years and has worked several accidents before.

Short, who owns Nana Rose’s Italian Bakery said she’s out of work and badly injured.

“I had a lot of inflammation on my shoulder from where the airbag hit. It’s completely black and blue. I have a injury now to my left hip,” she said. “I can’t really lift my babies very well. I can’t work, can’t make cannoli’s or cakes so it’s more than just losing my car at this point.”

Hutchins said they can’t go over pursuit protocols but factors like school zones, weather and other environmental factors that may impact public safety do come into play when it comes to pursuits.

As for liability, Hutchins said that’s out of BAPD’s hands and up to the insurance companies.