City of Tulsa announces plan for upcoming winter weather

TULSA, Okla. — City of Tulsa road crews met at the street maintenance yard Tuesday morning, making their final preparations ahead of winter weather.

Monday, crews checked over all necessary equipment, but today is more of a waiting game with crews anticipating initial rainfall.

“The reason we haven’t gone out there early this morning (Tuesday) is because of the rain. The brine would just wash off,” City of Tulsa Streets Operations Manager, Leon Kragel says. “So at this time, we’re not gonna do any excess material because of the rain washing it straight into the drains.”

The City says once that weather arrives, they are prepared for some long shifts, making expressways their first priority then hitting those main roads.

““The first shift will work until about 11:30 this evening, because they’re already here and they’ll be working about 16 hours,” Kragel explains. “The second shift will show up around midnight and work the next possibly twelve hours, or longer… or shorter… depending on the size of the storm”

The city has prepped:

  • 63 truck-mounted salt spreaders
  • 4 truck-mounted Liquid Applicator Systems for brine application when appropriate.
  • 53 truck-mounted snowplows (Of the 63 trucks with spreaders, and 4 trucks with Liquid Applicator Systems.)
  • 7 4x4 pick-up trucks equipped with snowplows.
  • 3 motor graders for use as plows.
  • 210 employees (including drivers and support staff)
  • Approximately 10,500 tons of salt and still receiving material
  • 2 salt brine mixing systems with 40,000 gallons of salt brine

Crews have 36 different routes totaling 1,770 lane-miles. Plowing routes will be determined by level of traffic, beginning with main streets and then residential areas will follow afterward.

For a map showing where the crews will be routed during the winter weather, click here.