City of Tulsa: Crews will continue 24/7 snow and ice operations through Wednesday

TULSA, Okla. — The City of Tulsa said crews are continuing to work on the roads overnight Monday to make sure they’re as safe and clear as possible for the morning commute.

At the city’s maintenance yard in west Tulsa, big piles of salt and sand were loaded into plows and the trucks then went out onto the roads to spread it.

FOX23 was told these trucks will be out-and-about until 11:30 p.m. Monday night to spread brine on the roads.

At midnight, another crew will come in to carry on treating the roads overnight and into the morning.

City of Tulsa Street Maintenance Manager Tim McCorkell said this will be an ongoing effort throughout the week as needed.

“This is supposed to be on and off through Thursday,” said McCorkell. “It will be a combination of brining and also putting salt straight down on the roadway. Hopefully, it’s going to … to take care of a lot of it.”

McCorkell said the crews will work in 12-hour shifts until the winter weather sleet and ice subdues.

“The main thing is that if you do not have to be out there, do not go out on the roads,” he continued. “The other thing is to slow down. We see a lot of people that are driving too fast for the weather conditions.”

McCorkell urges anyone who drives by a plow or crew salting and brining the roads to steer clear so everyone can remain safe and they can complete their work.

FOX23 also spoke with drivers to see what they thought of the roads and if they’re worried about the morning commute.

“They’re not too bad, the city streets aren’t bad, but the neighborhood streets are kinda bad,” Wes Grimes said.

Driver Shao Thao urged everyone to stay home if they can.

“It is horrible. If you can stay home, stay home,” said Thao. “I think it’s just going to get harder as it gets colder at night.”

Driver Cameron Miller slid nearly into another vehicle.

“We slid all the way down. We had to slow down right off the exit before we slid into another car,” said Miller. “I got the next day off but hopefully something calms down before Wednesday because I’ll be right back in. I move people so moving people in this will be rough.”

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