Four defendants face felony charges after alleged gunfight leads to teen’s death

TULSA, Okla. — Four defendants face felony charges due to a deadly July shooting. An alleged gun fight caused the death of 18-year-old Serenity McAdoo.

Taylon Orr, Ronyelle Overstreet and Isaac Harvey will head to district court facing murder charges. The judge said that could be any degree of murder and will be decided later after an intense review of evidence, including security video.

Dusty Ray Stevens, the other defendant, is facing a felony charge of discharging a weapon from a motor vehicle.

Police said Stevens was in the passenger seat of McAdoo’s car when he opened fire on a group of people at the Center of the Universe in downtown Tulsa. The other three defendants were among the group.

Orr, Overstreet and Harvey all returned fire and one of their bullets hit and killed McAdoo, according to police.

Orr’s attorney, Michael Manning, said the person who allegedly started the gunfight is the only one not facing murder charges and his client was shooting in self-defense.

“What we wanted to show the court is that the state can’t sustain these charges,” he said. “We know in this case he was shot upon and he pulled and fired his weapon as is every person in Oklahoma has the right to do -and has the ability to meet force with force.”

The District Attorney’s Office said they had no one available to comment on the case.

The judge also denied a bond reduction for all four defendants who are currently in state custody, one of which, Overstreet, is being held at a juvenile detention center.

In previous stories about this case, a fifth defendant was named facing a murder charge. The state dismissed the murder charge against this fifth defendant on Dec.1 and the defendant was released.