June weather in Oklahoma – What to expect this month:

Okla. — June is the month we transition to a summer weather pattern.

The transition is caused by the jet stream lifting north of the region, reducing our wind shear, which ultimately limits the severity of most storms.

This also takes the storm track further away, gradually limiting the number of storm systems that impact us.

June storms are more likely to produce strong, damaging winds than tornadoes because of the jet stream trends.

We can see this with the average number of tornadoes in June, as well as the amount of rainfall:

  • Oklahoma averages about 7 tornadoes in June, compared to 24 in May
  • June is Tulsa’s second wettest month of the year with an average of 4.65″

Rainfall still tends to be high because the warmer atmosphere can hold more water. That means any storms that come our way can produce copious amounts of rain.

Yet Junes can be extremely dry, like 2020, or some can be waterlogged like in 1904 when almost 15″ of rain occurred.

Temperatures trend slowly upward through the month. By the second half of June, average high temperatures are in the lower 90s with average lows near 70.

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