Kansas City Chiefs superfan accused of robbery files request to travel to Arizona

TULSA, Okla. — A Kansas City Chiefs superfan, who was arrested last year for robbing a credit union in Bixby, tried to get permission to leave Tulsa County to go to the Super Bowl.

A release from Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP identified the superfan, ‘ChiefsAholic,’ as Xavier Babudar.

In December 2022, Babudar was arrested for robbing a credit union in Bixby.

According to court documents, witnesses said Babudar pointed a firearm at an employee, told them to open the vault and left with a large amount of money. Police later arrested Babudar.

Payton Garcia was working at the credit union when this happened. She said her life was changed forever.

“He had the gun right here to my chest and he tells me to take him to the vault,” Garcia said.

“It was terrifying and I mean it changed everything, like I definitely don’t live my live the same after that,” Garcia also said.

According to court records, Babudar was recently released from jail. He also filed a motion to allow him to travel to Arizona, where the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.

“On his motion it says ‘Family trip to Arizona,’ well where is the Super Bowl? At Arizona. He’s a Chiefs fan, the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl, I mean it’s not hard to connect the dots there,” Garcia said.

The motion made no mention of the Super Bowl, but it did say Babudar had a pre-planned family trip to Arizona and that missing the trip would cause “considerable financial hardship” for him and his family. It also said Babudar would be wearing his court ordered ankle monitor during the trip and that his bondsman would accompany him to make sure he follows his bond and to make sure no court appearances are missed.

Garcia said she only found this out when she looked up the case herself.

“I was supposed to be notified when he got out, or if he put in a motion to do anything, I was supposed to find out but no one ever contacted me,” she said.

Babudar’s bondsman, Michael Lloyd, said Babudar did try to go to the Super Bowl, but his request was denied and Babudar isn’t allowed to leave Tulsa County.

Frank Fraiser, Garcia’s attorney, said the whole thing is “absurd.”

“This is somebody that shouldn’t even be at a Super Bowl watch party, let alone asking to go to Phoenix, Arizona for a family vacation, please” said Fraiser.

Lloyd said in his opinion, the law states that anyone arrested can apply for bail and is innocent until proven guilty.

FOX23 also reached out to Bixby Police, who said they have no comment at this time.

Fraiser said he feels like his client has been failed by the system for letting this happen and not telling her about it.