Beggs residents fight for answers ten days after water outage began

BEGGS, Okla. — Tuesday was another frustrating day in Beggs.

It was the seventh day that students were forced to turn to virtual learning, thanks to the town’s water outage.

Students haven’t been inside the school since Nov. 3.

Water was restored to some residents and businesses one day after the latest Beggs City Council meeting, but many are concerned it is a temporary fix.

“We need a permanent solution to what’s going on now,” said Mayor Jacob Branson.

Branson and Okmulgee County officials have a plan to get water access to the school, even if the town is without it. The plan includes opening two valves and feeding the school water from Okmulgee Rural Water 7.

“We will be basically buying water from them and reselling it to the schools in case we don’t have water,” Mayor Branson said.

Shaffer’s Drive-In is one of the businesses in Beggs that has water.

They offered up free corn dog “student meals” on Tuesday to students in need who usually depend upon the school cafeteria for lunch.

Down the road at Peaceful Acres RV Park, the owner is offering up the laundry room to Beggs residents who need to wash their clothes.

A shower is also available as Beggs residents hope to get on the other side of this water outage very soon.

“We can sit here and blame people before me, you can blame me, blame previous administrations, but we need a long-term solution,” Branson said.