EXPLAINER: Why are Oklahomans paying more for eggs?

TULSA, Okla. — The cost of an incredible, edible egg is tough to stomach lately.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, egg prices have jumped 49%.

“Everything is getting more and more expensive, so we’re trying to cut down to less eggs,” said Breanna Boness.

Boness homeschools her five children in Sapulpa. She says her family eats a lot of eggs, about six dozen per week.

“I can’t just put an egg in front of them. It’s two eggs, three eggs, especially for our almost-teenager,” Boness said.

What’s causing the increase? It is a combination of the ongoing bird flu and soaring fuel and feed costs.

“We put cottage cheese in our eggs. We push it a little bit further. We put chunks of bread into our eggs to make those eggs stretch a little bit further,” Boness said.

However, Boness says breaking away from eggs altogether is not an option.

“We have food sensitivities here too that we’re working with. So, we can’t just give the fillers like cereal. You know, like ‘here’s a slice of bread with butter.’ I have to make that bread with the eggs we’re buying,” she said.

“Do I want the really expensive eggs or do I want the cheap eggs? So, it’s just kind of a hard toss up to figure out where do I go to get something that’s affordable that can feed a whole bunch of hungry kids,” she exclaimed.