‘No excuse:’ Beggs residents demand answers after water issues

BEGGS, Okla. — Many residents in Beggs are angry.

“There is no reasonable excuse that a city cannot supply its populous with water,” said resident Kenneth Lyons.

Kenneth Lyons moved to Beggs in the summer.

He said crews have tried finding a solution to the city’s water issues, but it just isn’t enough to help the problem long term.

“Basically just trying to put a Band-Aid on a shotgun wound,” he said.

“We’ve never had full water pressure as of yet. Most the time it’s just down to barely a trickle. Many times it’s not water at all,” Lyons said.

Because of the water outage, Beggs Public Schools classes were canceled Friday, Nov. 4, and students did virtual learning on Monday, Nov. 7.

According to a Facebook post, the district wanted to take the pressure off parents, since many didn’t have water over the weekend.

Residents said their water bills remain high.

“Still getting billed for water, monthly bills, so we get that. Still getting taxed for improvements, yet there are no improvements,” he said.

“This has been an ongoing problem here for five years. For five years, Beggs hasn’t supplied sufficient water for its residents,” Lyons said.

The next Beggs City meeting is Monday, Nov. 14. Lyons plans to attend and encourages other residents to show up and voice their concerns.

Beggs Public Schools will also be virtual on Tuesday, Nov. 8.