How much?! Oklahomans prepare for higher Thanksgiving meal prices

TULSA, Okla. — Get ready to pay more for your Thanksgiving dinner this year.

It’s no secret that inflation is raising prices for food, gas, and other goods. According to analytics firm IRI, shoppers will pay 13.5% more in 2022 for holiday staples in comparison to last year.

This, as families return to the pre-pandemic traditions of gathering around the dining room table.

Shoppers have already begun picking up some items for this month’s holiday to help with inflation.

You’ll be able to find 2019 prices inside your local ALDI. That averages around 30% off.

FOX23 shopped around at different grocery store chains in the Tulsa metro. At ALDI, turkey prices are $1.07 per pound. We priced full meal as a turkey, a 10 lb. bag of sweet potatoes, frozen pumpkin pie, large can of green beans, cranberry sauce and rolls. At ALDI that came out to around $42.

At Walmart, turkey will cost around $1.38 per pound of turkey and a full meal for $50. At Reasor’s, turkey will cost around $1.69 per pound and $56 for the full meal.

About 38% of consumers are expecting to pay more for Thanksgiving meals this year, even though they’re planning to buy the same amount of food, according to an IRI survey conducted in September.

In the year through September, not adjusted for seasonal shifts, grocery prices shot up 13%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.