Plumbers in Green Country prepare for winter blast, offer tips ahead of storm

TULSA, Okla. — There’s no place like home for the holidays, but if your home falls victim to the freeze, the days ahead won’t be merry and bright.

Plumbers have been keeping busy ahead of the Dec. 22 arctic blast. They said it’s important to protect your pipes, so you’re not dealing with a huge mess just days before Christmas.

“Unfortunately, it’s happening during the holidays this year, so we’re going to have guys on-call, ready to go,” said Mike Headrick, owner of Allied Plumbing.

“Phone starts ringing. Pipes and start poppin’. People are not prepared, especially when it changes so rapidly and so extreme,” Headrick said.

“If you have plumbing on exterior walls like a sink, bathroom sink, something like that, let a little water drip. get a solid stream going so it doesn’t freeze because moving water won’t freeze.”

“If you have those little foam caps that you can put on the outside faucet, take those hoses off. That’s a definite. Take the hoses off, put those little foam caps on there. You’ll probably be able to weather this,” he said.

Headrick said that if pipes freeze, to immediately turn off the water to your home.

“You need to know where to turn your water off. You should know that anyway. Turn it off immediately because the damage can be monumental.”

“Hairdryers work if you get on it quick. If it freezes hard, a hairdryer won’t work,” Headrick said.

If you need a plumber this Christmas, they’ll be ready.

“Hopefully you won’t need us, but if you do, we’ll be there,” he added.