Sapulpa prepares for this year’s Route 66 Christmas Chute event

SAPULPA, Okla. — Halloween is around the corner, but it’s almost time to get those Christmas kicks on Route 66.

The countdown is on to the Route 66 Christmas Chute in Sapulpa, where people can view 35,000 lights on display.

“Three, two, one, flip it on and the entire thing comes on,” said business owner and Sapulpa resident Will Berry. “The Chute stretches from our Main Street to our courthouse, which is roughly two and a half, roughly three blocks.”

Berry said that the whole idea of this project was to not only get volunteers out there, but to also the get people engaged.

Hundreds of volunteers are busy like Santa’s elves, trimming the tinsel and garnishing the garland as downtown Sapulpa transforms into a Christmas wonderland.

Each section of canopies will feature a Christmas theme.

“They’re all geared towards either Highway 66, more importantly Christmas, but there’s a patriotic theme, there’s Santa Claus, elf, Route 66, reindeer, let it snow. so there’s the 10 different themes are wrapped around Christmas, but there’s also the Route 66 because we are on highway 66,” said Berry.

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Visitors can walk historic Route 66 under 800-foot canopies. The event will also feature their 30-foot Tree of Hope.

Berry said that the Christmas Chute began as an idea two years ago. Sapulpa business owners and city officials thought to create a magical walkable Christmas experience. It’s all funded with private donations.

“Just makes us tighter as a community,” said Berry. “Hundreds of volunteers are going to go tell their people and those people are going to tell their people. So, we’re hoping just to bring a whole bunch of happiness, people to come over here to see what Sapulpa’s all about, and just kind of change the culture around here,” Berry said.

Organizers are hoping to make this into a big tourism attraction

“I think it’s going to be a big Route 66 thing, because Route 66 is already big in itself,” he added.

The Route 66 Christmas Chute will open on November 3 and stay up through January 1.

Events like a cookie crawl will be happening every weekend. Pop-up shops will also be open at the Christmas village. Downtown businesses in Sapulpa will remain open during regular business hours as volunteers before and after the Christmas Chute opens.

Parking for about 1,600 will be available on side streets.