South Coffeyville police department says goodbye to K-9 Officer Taz

SOUTH COFFEYVILLE, Kan. — K-9 Officer Taz of the South Coffeyville Police Department took his final ride on Wednesday.

Taz would have turned 8 next month, but his hips and cancer in his throat caused him too much pain.

Officer David Call had to make the difficult decision to do what he said was best, to say goodbye to Taz.

“It’s very very rough to make this decision to ultimately go have this done. but in the long run, it’s better than him having to suffer,” said South Coffeyville Officer David Call.

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Taz was a Belgian Malinois who served four years with the South Coffeyville Police Department.

His escorted ride started at the First Baptist Church to an animal hospital in Independence.

“He’s gonna be very hard to replace because he was just an outright, good-workin’ dog,” Officer Call said.

Taz bravely served, assisting with arrests, getting drugs off the streets and aiding police during traffic stops.

“Our department is going to be sadly, sadly hurt from this because we’ve all grown attached to him,” Officer Call said.

“They are part of the family. Just like one of your colleagues at work. Someone you deal with and work with and train with on and off the job,” he added.

Officers told FOX23 that Taz got to eat every snack and human food that he wanted this past week.