TPD’s flock safety cameras lead to recovery of nearly $1m in stolen property

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa’s Flock Safety automated license plate reader network alerts officers when a suspect’s vehicle is in the area.

“We’ve deployed the first 25 we’ve used where we have a lot of violent crime occurring,” said Tulsa Police Department Captain Jacob Johnston. “It’s been a force multiplier for us, to say the least,” Johnston said.

Johnston said the Flock cameras strategically placed around the Tulsa metro have already led to recovery of close to a million dollars’ worth of stolen property.

As of January 11, 2023, police are boasting in the stats of what the cameras have helped catch in six months since launching.

“We had some sort of contact with 100 vehicles that were alerted to us. We get several alerts a day, and when officers are in the area, these alerts are related to wanted vehicles. These vehicles could be stolen, or they could be related to a missing person or a stolen plate,” he said. “Majority of the time we’re having a lot of success. We’ve had a lot of apprehensions. Several firearms taken, all kinds of different drugs that have been found during these contacts as well,” Johnston said.

On January 10, police arrested a suspect involved in the robbery at Pura Cannabis Collective.

An arrest report said flock safety cameras spotted a truck used during the robbery. Police were able to track the truck back to a convenience store a few hours before the robbery.

TPD is pleased with the success of flock cameras so far and plans to add more.

“Right now we’re looking at nine more and then potentially another nine to 12 after that,” he said.

About 700 TPD officers are trained to use the software.