Tulsa parents speak about ongoing formula shortage, safe substitutions

TULSA, Okla. — In May, we told you about a formula shortage impacting many families.

Seven months later, parents are still struggling to find formula.

FOX23 heard from dozens of mothers who have been impacted by the shortage. One mother said she had formula sent from out of state. Others said they drove hours, or to multiple stores to find it.

Some mothers say they’ve been forced to switch to other brands to make sure their infant is fed.

Jacky Escobedo is the Social Services Director at Emergency Infant Services. She says they are having a record-breaking year due to the shortage and inflation.

Escobedo is reminding parents to be cautious about switching formula brands.

“We definitely recommend that families are speaking with their pediatrician, that what they are using is an equivalent and safe for the baby to use,” said Escobedo. “Just making sure that it’s not something that could cause more damage.”

Emergency Infant Services is accepting donations along with Christmas toys and winter coat donations.