Where to park at Tulsa’s 43rd annual Oktoberfest

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa’s 43rd annual Oktoberfest begins Thursday night.

Each year, organizers strive to make it bigger and better to accommodate crowds. While onsite parking isn’t available at River West Festival Park, Oktoberfest organizers have multiple shuttle bus stations over Tulsa.

The free shuttle service will drop off all festival-goers at the front gate.

“We’ve got the construction of the dam, which has taken up a lot of parking. This new housing development that went in so we’ve lost a little bit of our parking,” said Ryan Howell, volunteer for Oktoberfest.

There are parking areas located along Boston Avenue from 8th Street to 13th Street.

There are shuttles near the Blue Dome District and the OSU Tulsa campus, Promenade Mall, 43rd and Yale, Riverside Drive and 17th Street and in south Tulsa at the Marriott Southern Hills.

The shuttles will leave remote parking locations 30 minutes before the start of the festival each day. The shuttles closer to the downtown area will leave every 15 minutes. The main shuttles will leave every 30 minutes.

“You don’t have to fight with parking. You don’t have to pay to park... in a lot of ways it relieves a lot of headaches,” Howell said. “You do have to remember which shuttle you rode in on though. That’s very important, but they’re all marked well.”

If you need handicapped parking, specially equipped buses will operate from marked lots at OSU Tulsa and Southern Hills.

You can find more information about parking online.