Long lost love note found in pocket of coat in Owasso thrift store

OWASSO, Okla. — On New Year’s Day, 2023 Melissa Seilhymer was browsing the racks at the Goodwill store in Owasso, when she came across an Old Navy pea coat. As she examined it she discovered something worth much more in one of the pockets.

It was a love note that read, “Hello, Love, I hope you’re having a good day. You’re so beautiful and lovely. You make me a good man, for that, I’m thankful. I’m proud of all the hard work you’ve put in for us. I’m consistently inspired by how well you take care of your patients and colleagues. You are the best thing about me. Love, Derek.”

Seilhymer didn’t know who this declaration of love was for or who in the world Derek was.

“If I had a note like this from my late husband I would cherish it and want it back,” said Seilhymer. “I just thought this too precious not to find the owner and try to get it back to them.”

Seilhymer posted a photo of the love note on Facebook and asked the community, “for help to find the wonderful person worthy of this kind of love.”

She also turned to her Tik-Tok channel called “She Loves Adventure,” to see if anyone knew who Derek or his true love was.

24 hours later a woman reached out to Seilymer and said,” That’s my note. Derick wrote that to me four years ago.”

The woman wanted to remain anonymous but shared that she and Derek had been together for 11 years and were still crazy in love. He writes letters to her a lot. She also added that she had no idea how the letter got into the pocket of that coat. She had never owned it and didn’t even recognize it.

Seilymer has since mailed back the letter to its rightful owner. Before sealing up the envelope, Seilhymer included a special message of encouragement for the loving couple from herself, letting them know just how special their love really is.

Seilhymer says she is a domestic abuse survivor and says this love note has been a real example to her of what true love is.

“We should all have a ‘Derek. Never settle for less,” said Seilhymer.