Man arrested in connection with shooting in north Tulsa

Police found a .380 handgun at the shooting and .380 ammo in the suspect’s pocket.

TULSA, Okla. — A man was arrested for a north Tulsa shooting after he called police about a carjacking and police found evidence linking him to the shooting, according to a Tulsa Police Department (TPD) arrest report.

TPD Officer Danny Bean said it was “a crazy story.”

On Monday afternoon, police responded to a shooting near Wheeling and B.C. Franklin Park. The victim, who was shot in the chest, was hospitalized and had to have immediate surgery to save his life.

“The patrol officers get there and they immediately find a victim with a gunshot wound to the chest, they do live saving measures, he wasn’t looking good,” said Bean.

On the scene, police found an abandoned and running gray Cadillac car. They also found a .380 handgun just east of car, the same direction that witnesses saw the driver of the car run to.

About 20 minutes after police were called to the shooting, Jemal McCutchen called 911 and said he was carjacked of his gray Cadillac.

“Like 20 minutes later a call comes in half a mile down the road, calls and says he was carjacked and the car he describes was the car at the scene,” Bean said.

Police met McCutchen where he called from, Bama Pie, which is about 600 yards northeast of the shooting scene.

At Bama Pie, McCutchen told police multiple stories as to how he was carjacked. He also told police that he was at the scene of the shooting and that he “took the gun away from him,” and made a shooting motion with his hand and finger in the air.

Police then took McCutchen to the Detective Division to interview him as a carjacking victim.

“They take him to the detective division to interview him as a witness and when they do that they search him and find a whole bunch of 38 caliber bullets in his pocket” Bean said.

McCutchen was then read his Miranda Rights and signed a Rights Waiver, which he understood. McCutchen then asked to speak to a lawyer and said that “he was being set up.”

McCutchen was arrested on two outstanding city warrants and booked into the City of Tulsa jail.

About an hour after the shooting, police spoke with the victim, who had just woken up and had his breathing tube removed.

The victim said he was riding with McCutchen and a local kid. He said McCutchen “zoned out to music,” grabbed a gun from under the driver’s seat and started shooting. The victim said he tried to to wrestle the gun away from McCutchen but got shot in the chest. He said McCutchen then wrecked the car.

The victim said he didn’t know why McCutchen shot him and that he wanted to press charges and see McCutchen go to jail.

After TPD spoke to the victim, McCutchen was released from the City of Tulsa Jail and then booked into the Tulsa County Jail for shooting with intent to kill and possession of a firearm as a felon.

Police said McCutchen is a convicted felon for robbery and spent 10 years in prison. He was released in late 2016.

McCutchen is being held on a $100,000 bond and has yet to be charged.