OHP helps create alert system in case of school intruders, shooters

WEATHERFORD, Okla. — Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) is partnering with mobile app company RAVE to create an alert system in case of active shooters or intruders inside schools.

On Monday, OHP, Weatherford Police Department, Weatherford Fire Department and Southwest Oklahoma State University Police Department conducted an active intruder drill.

They used the RAVE Mobile Safety app to notify OHP of am “emergency” happening at Weatherford High School. OHP then notified all troopers by radio, text and email of the active danger.

This system can be used by OHP and any school also using the app.

The RAVE app claims to be a “smartphone mobile app that, with the push of a button, instantly communicates any type of emergency to 911, while simultaneously connecting to on-site personnel, first responders and those involved to keep everyone informed and engaged throughout a situation.”

Monday’s exercise was used to catalogue response times of local law enforcement, fire crews and first responders.

OHP said the drill was purposefully done on a day when students were out for holiday so as not to accidentally worry anyone of the false emergency.

To view a demo of how the RAVE app works, click here.