OKC car custom design company hired for ‘Tulsa King’

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — It looks more like a crime scene, rather than a scene from a television series.

“I thought it was a scam, because we have never done any work for a film industry before, and we talked about what they needed done and it was a challenge, and they needed work done in such a short notice,” said Owner of Superior Customs Daniel Barraza.

Barraza said his shop specializes in car repairs, but he never thought these old Chevy cars, and these burnt-out seats would be in his garage.

“We were actually having lunch here at the shop with everybody and they just walked in and kind of introduced themselves and what they needed done and I was not expecting it,” he said.

Barraza said, just like that, his shop became one of the reasons these cars, despite the crime scene tape and damage, stayed on the road for Tulsa King.

It took hours of overtime, but they didn’t wait a second shop to get in on the series, he said.

“They needed the Caprices done. and that is the first thing we talked about, that they needed for the chase scene, and this was a Thursday and they needed three done by Sunday afternoon,” he explained.

Barraza said it was unique to see the cars that he and his team fixed on the show, and the Tulsa King let them have several of them and they plan to put them on display for the community.