OU approves tuition and fees increase for out-of-state students

NORMAN, Okla. — The University of Oklahoma Board of Regents approved a tuition and fees increase for out-of-state students this week.

During the meeting, held on the OU Health Sciences Center campus, the Regents approved the university’s fiscal year 2023 budget, the university said in a press release. Developed through collaboration with students, faculty, staff, and academic and executive leadership, the FY23 budget aims to support the university’s efforts to advance and thrive while striking a balance with providing an affordable education.

To help drive these solutions, the university will raise tuition and mandatory fees 3% for out-of-state students enrolled in Norman campus programs, the university said. There will not be an increase for in-state students.

“The new budget positions OU to keep pursuing unparalleled levels of excellence while continuing to be a life-changing place of opportunity for our students,” said OU President Joseph Harroz Jr. “At OU, we take seriously the contributions we are asking of our students and families, and we’ve taken deliberate steps to mitigate the impact – especially for our students who are in the most need by increasing our investment in those individuals.”

In his remarks, Harroz noted that the university, as outlined in its Strategic Plan, is committed to making an OU education available to all.

“We have a plan to substantially increase the availability of need-based aid, which has grown more than 48% in the last five years, so that students who have the ability to succeed and excel also have the opportunity,” he said.

The board is set to next meet in September.

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