Police say vandals caused more than half a million dollars in damages at Owasso construction site

OWASSO, Okla. — Police say vandals caused more than half a million dollars in damages at a construction site in Owasso, near 76th Street North and North Memorial Drive.

Not only did the vandals tear up equipment, but they also dug up part of the road which damaged the car of an innocent driver.

Owasso Deputy Chief of Police Jason Woodruff explained how it looked like the damaged was caused.

“It looks like they would get at least two pieces of equipment started and running, and use that, it was a large excavator and a front end loader, and use that equipment to go round damaging everything on the construction site,” he said.

Police said the keys were not left in the vehicles, but the vandals somehow managed to get inside and get them started.

According to police, the damage was caused during the overnight hours of Saturday, Oct. 8 into Sunday, Oct. 9.

Police said they found out about the damage when someone, in the dark, accidentally drove their car into the dug up roadway on Memorial.

Woodruff said they’re taking it very seriously.

“Definitely something we’re taking very seriously, not just for the loss and the material loss, but for the danger presented by having someone take a excavator and dig up part of the roadway where people are driving through at night, and it could have really hurt someone,” Woodruff said.

Woodruff said the damage was very costly.

“Both the site where construction was going on, and the equipment operators, I mean, that’s their livelihood, and causing this amount of damage, not only impacts the taxpayers by us having to go in and re-fix that road, but also the company and the people that rely on that company to put food on the table,” he said.

Police said they think there could be more than one person behind the vandalism.

If anyone has information about who is responsible for the vandalism, Owasso Police asks that you call their tip line at (918)-272-COPS.

Workers are constructing a church building at the site.

The congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church is grateful that even though the damage was serious, the building foundation wasn’t touched.

“They’re a little shocked. We’re on the southwest side of Owasso. We’re in this part of Tulsa County that is relatively undeveloped, soon to be developed, and I think that most people are just grateful that the church building wasn’t affected,” said Blake Altman, Lead Pastor.

“It doesn’t set us back, it just causes frustration for our construction company,” he said