PSO crews head to Florida to help with Hurricane Ian

TULSA, Okla. — Crews from Tulsa are headed south to help, as Hurricane Ian, a category 3 storm, makes its way to Florida.

Close to 30 employees and contractors with the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) rolled out of Tulsa Monday afternoon. They will be setting up in Orlando and go wherever they can help.

When combined with McAlester and Lawton, that’s about 150 PSO members in the first wave of mutual assistance to aid Tampa Electric and Duke Energy.

PSO’s Wayne Green said mutual assistance is an essential element in maintaining the national electric grid, and lines and poles are facing massive damage.

“We’re sending folks who are experts in reattaching lines, putting in poles, rebuilding a damaged grid,” said Green. “From there, we’ll see what they need.”

Greene said that Oklahoma has needed help, other utility companies come to help us, so PSO crews are willing to go help others when it’s needed.

Nearly 100 OG&E crew members left Shawnee, Okla. Monday to assist with Hurricane Ian.