PSO: Power is restored to McCurtain County after tornado wiped out the entire grid

MCCURTAIN COUNTY, Okla, — Wayne Green, spokesperson for the Power Service Company of Oklahoma [PSO] stated that the power grid in McCurtain County has been restored.

“Which is extraordinary,” said Green. “Crews worked throughout the weekend to make repairs. The circumstances out where people were working were very challenging. There was a second feeder line that was essentially smashed and buried under fallen pine trees for about mile. The ground underneath was swampy.”

On Friday evening a tornado slammed into Idabel, Okla. and the surrounding areas causing havoc and devastation.

Green says after the storm hit the customer outages, “peaked at 2,347. We do have about 10 customers without power, but that is typical on a normal day.” PSO is working to get power to those customers as well.

Residents impacted by the tornado damage now have power which will help with the extensive cleanup.