Prepping for cold temperatures with a winter go bag

Quick Facts

  • Have enough water for each person in the house for at least three days
  • Have several blankets to keep yourself warm
  • Assume power will be out for at least one night

Some cold weather is moving in for the next few days, shaking things up from the nice weekend we had last weekend.

Several nights with freezing temperatures and some winter precipitation are possible, so make sure you are prepared.

Think back to December of 2007 when an ice storm moved through the Tulsa area leaving over 200,000 people without power.

Gathering up items now and being ready is key.

Should power go out, do not heat your house with a generator or a fireplace. Doing that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The best thing is to have several blankets and sleeping

Some other essentials a flashlight with extra batteries, external battery packs for cell phones, non perishable food and a manual can opener.

As you’re staying safe and warm this winter,


The FOX23 Severe Weather team will be keeping that updated with the latest conditions and forecast.