TFD recognizes Tulsa police officer for performing life-saving CPR on a woman

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa Fire Department (TFD) recognized Tulsa Police Officer Cody Riley for his efforts during a 911 call.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, Riley was performing CPR on a woman who had overdosed on fentanyl.

“It was my first call out of the gate,” Riley told FOX23. “It was an overdose call. The notes had fentanyl in it. So a pretty common call these days.”

Riley explained that typically, EMSA and TFD handle medical calls. But he just happened to be close by when the 911 call came in.

“You come to work every day, you don’t know what’s going to happen,” he said. “We go to a lot of overdose calls, and usually fire and EMSA are the Rockstars there. But I was right around the corner and got there quicker. And [I] got to be a part of it. And being a part of saving that life feels pretty good.”

TFD said Riley’s efforts saved her life. The department presented him with the Life Saving Award Wednesday. Tulsa Fire Lt. Trent Morris presented Riley with the award. He told FOX23 his quick actions deserved recognition.

“It ultimately saved this young lady’s life,” Morris said. “I just felt in my heart he deserved that recognition.”

Both Tulsa Police and TFD said CPR is crucial in saving lives.

“CPR is the number one life saver,” Morris said.

“Everyone should know how to do chest compressions. And keep someone alive until we can get there and give them the help they need,” Riley said.