TPD identify missing, presumed dead child in child abuse case

TULSA, Okla. — The child who was reported missing in connection to the Tulsa couple arrested on Wednesday for child abuse and neglect was identified Friday.

Police confirmed the name of the missing boy is Orlando Hugger Jr.

FOX23 previously reported that the grandmother came forward after Orlando had been missing for “several years.”

The grandmother believed Orlando had to have been deceased when she spoke to police.

It was discovered, the week before the grandmother reported the missing child, Orlando’s biological father had actually filed a missing persons report.

Orlando’s father has told police the child’s mother, Camille Lewis, had been withholding the Orlando from his father and he hadn’t seem him in two years.

Police were told Lewis had dropped her daughter off at the grandmother’s home over the summer after Lewis and the other suspect, John Miles, broke up.

Miles is not the father of Orlando or Lewis’s daughter who the grandmother has now taken in.

The grandmother told officers she is very afraid of the suspects and reported what she knew as soon as her granddaughter began telling her of the abuse.

In court documents, the granddaughter claimed her mother told her Orlando had died from a seizure and had been taken and buried by Miles and his cousin.

Both children were previously enrolled in Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) before Lewis withdrew them in 2020.

The suspected couple’s other three children they share are still enrolled in TPS.

Tulsa Police are currently investigating this as a homicide as they said they have no reason to believe Orlando is alive after speaking with the suspects.