TPD, tax experts warn against tax season scams

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa Police said tax season also means scam season. Investigators advised everyone to be on the lookout for scammers.

Often times, according to police, scammers will steal someone’s identity and file a return in their name. Police told FOX23 Thursday they always report these incidents to the IRS.

“Around this time of year, we do see an increase in tax scams,” said Tulsa Police Lt. Andrew Weeden. “When we get those reports, a lot of times we will coordinate with the IRS because they’re the experts in tax law.”

Tax experts explained that scammers will also pose as tax preparers to get ahold of your personal information.

“You want to go on the IRS website and google the tax preparer’s name and make sure that they are registered to prepare your taxes as a paid preparer,” said Treasure Offor, owner of Richie Tax Services. “If they’re not, that’s a huge red flag. Don’t give them any of your information.”

Another way to protect your information is to avoid sending any sensitive information via text. Offor said to only trust a secure portal.

“Don’t text anyone your information,” she said. “If it doesn’t go to a secure email or a client portal, don’t send your info.”

Overall, Offor and Lt. Weeden advised caution with personal information while filing taxes. If scammers gain access to your tax information, Lt. Weeden said to file a report.

“File a police report in the agency in which you reside,” he said.