Tulsa Area United Way aiming to raise $25,913,704 for life-changing community needs

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa Area United Way [TAUW] announced on Nov. 7 at the USA BMX Hardesty National Stadium, that for the 2022 fall fundraising campaign that organizers need $1,826,000 by the Nov. 15 deadline to meet the ultimate goal of $25,913,704.

“We boldly announce that goal. If we don’t raise that money there are needs in our community that go unmet,” said Allison Anthony, the President & Chief Executive Officer of TAUW.

180 trained volunteers determined how much was needed for 145 local, non-profit organizations to be able to effectively provide for thousands of people in Tulsa,

Anthony says the organization works with non-profits that offer life-changing and life-saving services for local residents.

When the fundraising efforts fall short of that number, programs and services don’t have the necessary resources to fully provide support to the members of the community in need.

QuikTrip has been working with United Way campaigns since 1981.

Aisha Jefferson-Smith is QuikTrip’s Corporate Communications Manager. She says that QuikTrip Corporate has raised $676,201.62. The regional QuikTrip employees have raised $741,768.20. Jefferson-Smith also adds that QuikTrip Corporate will match all employee pledges. The total amount should be released later this week.

“Our employees are amazing and they give back to the community,” said Jefferson-Smith. “It’s really, really important to QuikTrip and we’re truly honored to give to Tulsa Area United Way.”

“We’re going to need everyone’s help to raise more than 1.8 million dollars to close that gap,” said Anthony. “We have faith in our generous community and donors. The only way we can overcome tough challenges is by coming together with these tough economic conditions and each person giving what they can. And no gift is too small to make this place a great place to live for each of us.”

To help TAUW reach its goal, click here.