Tulsa City Council District 5 recount begins Thursday

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa City Council ballots were sorted, recounted and tallied at the Tulsa County Election Board after District 5 candidate Grant Miller requested a recount earlier this week.

Miller’s opponent, incumbent City Councilor Mykey Arthrell, requested a whole new election.

This all stems from alleged irregularities coming out of two precincts, 77 and, which shared a polling location.

Miller earned 5,070 votes to Arthrell’s 5,043 votes — a margin of 27 votes.

FOX23 reported on Election Day that the Tulsa County Sheriff Vic Regalado said 31 voters who should have received ballots for the city council race did not.

Attorneys representing both Arthrell and Miller said the evidence is on their sides.

Taylor Burk, the attorney representing Arthell, said, “There are greater than 27 votes or 27 instances where individuals did not receive City of Tulsa ballots.”

Burk continued, “Under evidence rules, the statutes and other things, that creates a mathematical problem or uncertainty in the election. And you can certify results. Therefore, we’re entitled to another election.”

Jim Hicks, the attorney representing Miller, said, “There was quite a bit of dispute regarding the difference between the tapes, the tapes’ actual count that comes out of the polling machine and the sign in and register books. We were able to present some affidavits of at least three individuals that are reported on the books not to have received a ballot. But they say they did.”

The judge granted a continuance until Tuesday, Nov. 22.

The deadline for the recount is 3 p.m. Friday.

This is a developing story.