Tulsa Police asking for help in finding robbery suspect

TULSA, Okla. — TPD announced that this week’s most wanted is Kent Grayson Jr.

He’s suspected of robbing a store near 23rd and South Jackson on Jan. 7.

Investigators say Grayson has tattoos on his hands that read, “RX” and “69.”

Muhamad owns the store that was robbed. He recently moved to Tulsa from Dubai and has put a lot of effort into launching his store and supporting his family.

The recent robbery has hurt his family business.

“They don’t know how hard it is to support your family, feed your family, pay your bills,” Muhamad said.

The robbery happened on Muhamad’s delivery day, and there was extra cash in the register drawer. Because of the theft, Muhamad was unable to pay for the goods delivered to his store.

“[The robber] grabbed some stuff from here, from there,” Muhamad recalled. “As soon as I went over there he grabbed the whole box.”

Muhamad said when he tried to hurry and lock the door to keep the robber from leaving, the man broke the door. He believes the man might have had a weapon.

“[The] detective who assigned the case got a good I.D. on the guy,” Lt. Justin Ritter said. “We have a felony arrest warrant for him right now, but we could really use some help trying to find him.”

Muhamad said he is hoping the robber is brought to justice soon as this robbery has heavily impacted his family’s small business.