Tulsa Police looking for gargoyle-throwing brewery burglar

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa Police are looking for a burglary suspect after a local brewery had a gargoyle statue thrown through its window.

FOX23 was given security footage showing a burglar breaking into Tulsa’s Renaissance Brewery near 12th and Lewis on Wednesday night.

In the video, the burglar slings a gargoyle through the glass door of the brewery, runs in, steals a box full of donations, and leaves.

The box of donations was meant for the Tulsa Day Center, a downtown homeless shelter near West Archer and North Denver.

“We always have a donation box for the day center for the homeless, one of our customers comes and picks it up and gives it to them and we actually just called her to come pick it up because it was totally full,” said Glenn Hall, owner of Renaissance Brewery.

Hall said they filed a police report and they’re looking for the burglar and hoping to re-fill that donation box.

“It’s been happening unfortunately to a lot of breweries around. I don’t know if we’ve been targeted or if they’re random acts,” Hall said. “It’s just very frustrating to not be able to leave your business secure at night.”

The owner said the donation box probably only had $40 05 $50 worth of items in it, so it most likely wasn’t worth it breaking the $500 window.

The suspect was also wearing a wig, but took it off after committing the crime.

“It’s unfair to us because we work hard for what we have, but unfortunately, people don’t respect what we have and how hard we work for it, so it’s very frustrating for all of us,” Hall said.