Wife of Richard Glossip hopeful as independent counsel reviews his death penalty case

TULSA, Okla. — The wife of death row inmate Richard Glossip said she and her husband are grateful and hopeful after the Oklahoma Attorney General ordered an independent counsel to review his death penalty case.

“We were actually on the phone together when we found out and that was incredible news,” Lea Glossip told FOX23.

She said they were making burial plans when they heard the news.

Attorney General Gentner Drummond also recently requested more time in between executions.

There have been questions surrounding the murder case of Glossip’s boss in 1997.

Glossip has been on death row for 26 years, convicted of that murder.

Another man, Justin Sneed, is serving a life sentence without parole after claiming Glossip offered him money to carry out the killing.

Despite this claim, Glossip still says he is innocent.

“This is not just my husband’s life, it’s an innocent man’s life,” Lea said. “That, to me, is what I always want people to remember. It’s more than just a case … after 26 years of everything that he’s been through, to get to this moment, is pretty incredible for us.”

While Glossip now faces his eighth execution date, Lea said she will continue to fight for her husband’s life and she’s hopeful over the independent investigation.

“It’s exciting, it’s scary, it’s nerve wracking, but we have that faith that eventually we’ll get to the other side,” Lea said. “That’s what the next few months are going to look like for us and continuing to move forward in this journey.”