Riley on move from OU to USC: “I could have handled some parts of the situation better”

Lincoln Riley is weighing in on his move from OU to USC. Riley wrote a column for The Players’ Tribune website, and he admitted he could have handled his move from the Sooners to the Trojans better.

On the plane ride to Los Angeles, so many emotions were flowing through my mind. I was so excited about USC and its potential, but I was also filled with some guilt and sadness realizing that Norman was no longer home. There are aspects of my departure and transition that I would certainly do differently if I could do it again, and I acknowledge that I could have handled some parts of the situation better. I absolutely own that. While I was able to talk with several players after the team meeting, I wish I would have had the time to sit down with each individual player and staff member to explain my decision.

—  Lincoln Riley in his The Players' Tribune column

Riley also wrote about why he decided to leave Oklahoma for USC.

Since my move, many have asked me why I would leave Oklahoma, and the best — and most honest — answer is that the opportunity at USC was simply the right job at the right time for me and for my family. We all have moments in life where we are faced with difficult choices, and this was the path my family and I chose. I don’t expect everyone to understand; in my line of work, that’s not possible.

—  Lincoln Riley in his The Players' Tribune column

Riley left OU for USC on November 28 -- the day after the Sooners’ regular season came to an end with a 37-33 loss at Oklahoma State. The Sooners hired Brent Venables as their new head coach a week later.