Broken Arrow woman making a splash with eclectic style

“I enlisted local artists and we’ve spent six months working on it,” said Sarah Lopp.

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Sarah Lopp says she named her home, “the Hippie House.” She and her blended family moved near the Broken Arrow Rose District in June of last year.

Just a little more than six months later, Lopp created a home in the style she says is, “retro maximalism! That’s about as close as I can describe it. There’s a lot of colors in this house! I love pink and always have.”


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When Lopp, her husband, their five boys, and their two dogs first moved, the interior was a blank slate.

“With the trend being gray and white homes right now, every house we looked at seemed more like a blank canvas to me,” said Lopp. “I had researched it quite a bit before we started via TikTok and Pinterest looking at retro-themed design and maximalist design and combining those together. We had to be very careful because it can go from funky and cool to ridiculous real quick.”

Lopp says the design process started in July of 2022. She hired local artists, Raygen Treat and Kayley Giacomo with Hightail Creative Company, based in Tulsa, to help bring her eclectic vision to life.

“I saw their work at one of my favorite local stores, Indigo Tie Dye. Go figure. I asked the owner for their names. We’ve been working together ever since,” said Lopp. “They caught the vibe of the house and the look I was going for right away and every single design has been perfect.”

The color palette was actually inspired by Lopp’s husband.

“There’s a lot of colors in this house! I love pink and always have,” said Lopp. “I had no intention of making it the brightest color in the house, but my husband is actually the one who decided we needed to paint all the cabinets pink and once we did that, the house took on a life of its own!”

When Lopp and her husband aren’t collaborating on home projects, they work together at her husband’s law firm in Broken Arrow. Lopp is also a adjunct theology professor for Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville.


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The downstairs project is almost complete. They have a couple walls to finish painting, which should be done next week.

Next, the creatives will begin work on the upstairs of the home.

Lopp says she gets asked what her boys think of the colors and design.

“There’s a lot of testosterone in this pink house,” said Lopp. “I think all the boys are used to it. They know how much my husband and I love off-the-wall things. We are creating and painting and doing new things literally every single day and I think they like it. "

Although, Lopp says one of her sons secretly wishes their house was decorated entirely in a Spiderman theme.

“I just know we’re happy and I think that matters most. There’s a different vibe in this house, it’s lighter and more free than anything I’ve experienced in a home before and I think they feel that too,” said Lopp. “We joke and say it’s my mid-life crisis in full color and maybe it is? Or maybe, it’s a mid-life revolution instead and I finally became okay with being the eclectic, bright-colored person that I actually am.”