My41 has moved!

My41’s broadcast signal moved to a new frequency in September 2018. If you watch My41 using an antenna, this means you’ll need to have your television set rescan for signals in order to watch your favorite My41 programming. Rescanning is how your TV finds all the available channels in your area.

If you watch My41 on cable or satellite, your provider made the change for you and you won’t need to do anything. Only viewers who watch for free over-the-air using an antenna will need to rescan.

We’re committed to making this change as easy as possible for you. No new devices, equipment, or services are needed. Just rescan your TV one time to keep watching My41.

How to Rescan

Here’s a handy tutorial to help you learn how to rescan your TV or converter box to find My41.

For detailed instructions on how to rescan for a specific brand of TV, CLICK HERE.

We want to make sure you can watch My41! If you’re having trouble trying to rescan your TV, please call us at 918-491-0023.

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