Deadline to request Oklahoma absentee ballot is Monday

Monday is the last day to request an Oklahoma absentee ballot to vote in March’s special election to decide if recreational marijuana should be legal in the state.

Registered voters have until 5 p.m. Monday to put in a request for an absentee ballot for the March 7 election.

Applications are available at the Tulsa County Election Board, at West Fairview Street and North Denver Avenue in north Tulsa, or online.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt called for the special election for State Question 820, which, if passed by voters, would make it legal to use marijuana recreationally in the state.

If it becomes law, recreational marijuana would be taxed at 15 percent, plus local sales tax. Medical marijuana is taxed at 7 percent.

The extra revenue has supporters, like Ryan Kiesel from the Yes on 820 campaign, excited.

“Over a five-year period, over $820 million in revenue to the State of Oklahoma, and after that five-year period when the markets stabilize, probably $100 million a year from a conservative stand point on annual recurring revenues to the state. That’s going to be key for a lot of Oklahomans,” said Kiesel.

Stitt said legalizing marijuana in the state would create a mess of problems.

“Number one, it’s illegal federally. There shouldn’t be a patchwork of states doing different things,” said Stitt. “We need to let the Feds tell us if it’s legal or illegal. We shouldn’t let the states tell us that. And secondly we already have medical.”

For more information about requesting an absentee ballot, visit the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website.