Automated robots allow easy delivery on TU campus

TULSA, Okla. — A new company is turning to robots to make life easier for University of Tulsa students.

Starship creates robots that can deliver anything, from fast food, flowers, medication, and makeup.

The robots were given a soft launch on campus two weeks ago. Now, the robots are a common sight around campus.

You’ll only find these delivering robots at the University of Tulsa in our state.

“TU is a STEM-heavy big focus institution, and we are always looking at what’s high-tech, what’s new,” said TU Vice President Matt Warren. “This robot delivery phenomenon is at about 30 colleges across the country, and we said, ‘you know we’d like to be next,’ so I want to explore with that partnership would look like.”

Here’s how it works: you place an order through the Starship app. When the delivery arrives, you grab your items and send the robot on its way.

Only the person receiving the delivery can unlock the robot through the app.

“It’s been overwhelmingly positive. The robots are considered to be very cute, and students have really enjoyed interacting with them,” Warren said.

The Starship delivery robots can handle Oklahoma wind, rain and even snow. If students don’t feel like getting out, they don’t have to.

“They can make it around to campus safely, and they can connect our students with food when it might not be so safe for our students to be out walking around,” he added.

The robots are electric and charge at night. They don’t have any harmful emissions to the environment.

Plans are in the works to expand beyond the TU campus at Mother Road Market.

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