Understaffed call center leads to long wait times at the City of Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. — If you’re planning to call the City of Tulsa to pay your water bill, or if you need to have your utilities transferred over, prepare to wait.

FOX23 was on hold for 25 minutes.

The customer service representative on the line said that’s actually a good wait time for a Monday. She said usually it takes nearly 45 minutes to get through to a representative due to the high call volume.

Residents are frustrated, and Mayor G.T. Bynum says he understands.

He’s working to find solutions.

Mayor Bynum took part in an open-mic question session Monday morning on the KRMG Morning News with Dan Potter. He actually said he was emailing his staff about the “on hold” issue over the weekend.

Mayor Bynum says he’s been hearing about the waiting issue for months.

“What we’re facing with right now is a challenge of having an understaffed call center at the City and an antiquated old computer system that is responsible for managing our calls,” said Mayor Bynum.

The computer system that manages those calls is expected to be updated in February. The center itself still needs to be fully staffed.

“Please know that it’s top of mind for me and for my administration and we’re focused on fixing it,” said Mayor Bynum. “I’m working. My administration is working with the utility authority to hire additional people and update our computer system that manages those calls.”

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