New Tulsa residential housing unit to include apartments for those with special needs

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa developer and his wife are dreaming big, moving forward with plans to build a 39-thousand square foot midrise housing complex just north of downtown for residents with special needs, and others.

“For once, I would like the larger cities like, in Austin and what not, to look at Tulsa and say, ‘How did you do this?’” said Stuart McDaniel, whose plans were approved by the Tulsa Development Authority earlier this month to build a $5.7 million midrise apartment building.

The complex includes affordable senior living on the ground level, housing for those with disabilities on the second floor and a mix of market rate and affordable units on the third floor.

McDaniel said the inspiration for this project comes from his sister-in-law Amy, who was born with Prader-Willi, a chromosomal disorder that makes it hard to detect temperature and hunger.

His wife Katie explained how much her sister means to her.

“My big sister Amy Arnold, she is very special and has just enriched my life to a degree I cannot really explain,” she said.

She said her sister has difficulty processing what is hot and cold, so if she were to try to prepare a meal she could easily burn herself. The same holds true for running a bath or using the shower.

The new housing unit, that will have six units on the second floor designated for those with special needs, takes that into account with temperature controls and concealed kitchen pocket doors.

McDaniel said he hopes construction will get underway on the 42-unit apartment building this fall.