Court documents claim Ivon Adams murdered Athena Brownfield, buried body

CADDO COUNTY, Okla. — Warning: this article contains disturbing information involving the death of a child.

Newly released court documents claim that one of Athena Brownfield’s caregivers killed her on Christmas Day and buried her near Rush Springs.

Investigators say that Alysia Adams admitted that her husband, Ivon, beat Athena at their home in Cyril. Alyisa said that the child’s eyes were barely open when Ivon hit her three more times in the chest.

Athena didn’t move after that.

Court documents claim that Ivon buried Athena in the early morning hours of Dec. 26. Alysia said that Ivon placed a large broken branch over the burial area.

Alysia shared this information on Jan. 12. This is why Ivon was arrested on a first-degree murder charge without proof of Athena’s death.

Ivon was captured in Arizona and is awaiting extradition back to Oklahoma.

Alysia faces two counts of child neglect.

OSBI investigators say Athena and her sister lived with Alysia and Ivon, and they were related.

State and local law enforcement agencies continue to search for Athena’s body.