Police arrest man for botched robbery in east Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. — Police arrested a man after miscommunication led to a failed robbery in east Tulsa on Thursday.

Oscar Garcia was arrested for trying to rob a QuikTrip near East Admiral Place and South Memorial Drive. Tulsa police said around 3:45 p.m. a man, who they suspect was Garcia, attempted to rob the convenience store but ran away after a misunderstanding with the store clerk.

Police said Garcia went to the QuikTrip wearing a jacket, and disguised his identity with handkerchiefs, sunglasses and a hat pulled low. Police said Garcia demanded “small bills” from the store clerk, but the frightened clerk thought he asked for Marlboros. Garcia settled for the cigarettes and, frustrated with the failed communication, he filled a bag with energy pills from a register display, paid for Black and Mild cigars and ran from the store.

Police said he tried to get away on a bus, but got off when he saw police cars behind the bus, and surrendered.

Investigators determined Garcia had been in the convenience store earlier Thursday without a disguise. Police said it was easy to recognize him because of his distinct appearance. Garcia has tattoos covering his face.

Garcia was arrested for attempted robbery after former conviction of a felony, commission of a gang crime after former conviction of a felony and wearing a mask while committing a felony.