What you need to know about the FOX23 weather app

Quick Facts

  • Alerts get sent directly to your phone for your current location or any location you have set
  • Lightning alerts and severe weather alerts are sent to your phone for those locations
  • Severe weather coverage is streamed directly onto the app

The FOX23 Severe Weather App is a free download for both Android and Apple devices. You can download the app here: https://fox23apps.com/

There are several things that make the FOX23 Severe Weather App unique from other apps.

  • Push alerts for more than 25 alert types from tornado warnings to winter storm warnings
  • Warning alerts are received based on the polygons issued by the National Weather Service rather than for an entire county
  • Lightning alerts not only tell you when lightning is near but also how far away they are


If you are looking to set up a custom location in the app, there are several ways to do this. You can either type in a zip code or drop a pin. Check out the FOX23 Severe Weather Team's how to on setting up custom locations.

When warnings are issued by the National Weather Service, the alerts are delivered to your phone based on the polygon put out. That may mean that even if your town is in the polygon if your physical location (or the location saved) is not, you won't receive an alert.


FOX23 Meteorologist Megan McClellan goes through some of the other things that the app can do including the severe weather alerts.

In order to receive notifications, make sure you have the alarm symbol on. You’ll need to do this for any locations you’ll want notifications for.

It is important to note that if you turn your phone on “Do Not Disturb” during the night, you will not get alerts! It is recommended that if severe weather is expected overnight, leave “Do Not Disturb” turned OFF and leave push alerts for the most critical types of weather on.


The hourly and extended forecasts are available on two different tabs. You can expand each day on the extended forecast to get details about sunrise/sunset, the winds, even storm chances expected for the day.


On the "Map" tab there are many things that can be seen, radar is not the only thing anymore.

Not only do you have the standard radar, but you can also see the lightning strikes, temperature maps for the country along with many other things.

Changing the app into another language

If you are needing to change the language for yourself or someone else, you will have to do that in the settings of your phone.

Go to the Settings app --> General --> Language & Region --> iPhone Language

This will change the language for entire phone.


Downloading the FOX23 Weather App can help keep you informed both at home and on the go. You can also follow our team of meteorologists as they track any storms moving through.

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