Tulsa’s Bishop Kelley Grill Club serves up breakfast

TULSA, Okla. — A unique Tulsa high school club is making sure students’ bellies are full before they get to class.

Bishop Kelley High School’s Grill Club had its second meeting Thursday morning on their campus near East 41st Street and South Sheridan Road, where students served up breakfast before the start of school.

The school said Bishop Kelley students have the opportunity to start clubs supporting their interests, and for the club’s co-presidents Nick Leslie and Austin Hieger, this meant grilling.

Hieger said he was inspired by his father to start the club.

“My dad and his friend always tailgate before football games here. They always grill out, everything from burgers, steaks, all you can think of,” said Hieger. “They have a good time doing it, so I wanted to spread some joy between friends, do the same and make some food.”

About 20 students were led in prayer before filling their plates with eggs, bacon and sausage to make breakfast burritos.

Hieger said the club is made up of several of the school’s football players. After football season, they plan to expand the club to include tailgating at the school’s other sporting events.