Tulsa nature center looking for volunteers

TULSA, Okla. — A nature center in north Tulsa is looking for volunteers.

Oxley Nature Center, located in Mohawk Park near East 56th Street North and North 97th East Avenue, held a meet and greet last week with staff and other volunteers for people who are interested in getting involved.

The nature center is looking for at least 10 to 12 volunteers, but said the more the merrier.

“Volunteers do not have to have any skills,” said Lisa Cobb, a staff naturalist at the nature center. “We do training for the volunteers and a lot of it is pretty simple training, so it’s easy to get started right away.”

Oxley Nature Center includes over 800 secluded acres, with nine miles of trails and an interpretive center.

Cobb said the nature center is looking to fill several volunteer positions, including hosts at the front desk of the interpretive center, trail work crews and people to lead school groups and other tours within the volunteer naturalist program.

“You learn something all the time and then you can take that information that you learned and share it with others,” said Cobb. “It’s also a great opportunity to have camaraderie with other people who love and enjoy nature the way that you do.”

Volunteer positions:

  • Volunteer Naturalist
  • Visitor Center Host
  • Trail Work Crew
  • Marketing/PR Team
  • Miscellaneous Work

You can sign up to volunteer on the Oxley Nature Center website.